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Pelican Life Savers

The Pelican Chevrons are red and white reflectors fixed behind all commercial vehicles. Pelican ChevronsIf your vehicle breaks down on the road, there is an immediate danger of other motorists crashing into your vehicle.

Set up a Lifesaver in front and behind your vehicle to alert other motorists of the danger.

The Lifesaver has a sturdy construction with a firm base and will not be blown away by passing traffic wind. It is packed in a plastic cover which can be used as an emergency petrol funnel. Every vehicle must carry a pair of Lifesavers!

The first Lifesaver should be placed 30 metres behind your vehicle and the second Lifesaver placed 30 metres ahead of the Vehicle as shown in the illustration below. The Pelican Lifesaver is approved by Automobile Association of Kenya and the Kenya Bureau of Standards.


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