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Pelican Stickers

Pelican Stickers are high quality thermal printed images done on paper, self adhesive labels or perspex. Thermal printing is an advanced process which not only produces sharp and realistic images but extends the stickers life.

Pelican Thermal printed Stickers can be printed spot colour or full colour.the stickers can be applied on clear or transparent, transluscent and opaque boxes.Pelican Thermal printed Stickers can stand up to the most severe weather conditions and still maintain their brilliance.

This makes them especially ideal for vehicle branding, floor graphics and large format out door signage.Unique shapes, sizes and effects can be created and produced.

Computerized contour cutting gives a crisp and clear edge putting Pelican ahead of the rest. Any computer generated image can be developed into a high quality sticker but any other desired image is acceptable.

The outdoor life of the Pelican thermal printed stickers is 3 years while the indoor life is 10 years.


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