Pelican Signs

is a national supplier of road, traffic, street, sign posts, hardware, custom, parking signs, and more. We operate in conjunction with International and local material manufacturers who have proven product reliability. Signs are long lasting and trouble free. High quality materials result in longer lasting signs and superior resistance to fading. Bringing over 50 years of experience in the traffic sign industry.

We're the leading supplier of Traffic Road Cones, Road studs, Guardrails, Guardrail reflectors, Edge Market posts, Road marking just to mention a few

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Over 50 years Pelican Signs has diversified into building a large por!olio services that cater to varied signage needs of the East African market

Our clients

Founding & executive teams
We will transform your distinctive narrative into a strategic brand, enhancing your ability to attract both customers and investors.
Communication teams
Utilize a blend of experience and innovative thinking to create exclusive limited editions and campaigns that possess a distinctive appearance.
Brand teams
Embrace innovation by incorporating new global viewpoints. Generate ideas on a large scale, craft bespoke illustrations, or undergo a complete rebranding process.

For reduced pricing to large volume orders from cities and governmental agencies